The overprotective mother

fuente: Many years ago in a small town in Switzerland live a beautiful girl, very dear and spoiled by her mother, she felt restrained and loved, her mother lived always worried, feared that something bad happened to the beautiful girl, all the time was saying.

What a beautiful girl you are, dear daughter! Your eyes are very beautiful, your skin is white and soft as cotton and your body is fragile as glass, I just want you to be happy, that nothing bothers you and nobody hurts you.

The mother lived thinking that something bad would happen, her constant obsession decided to protect her put it in a glass box, the bad thing was that she could not get out, but it was the safest way to keep her safe from anything that could happen.

I made a glass box the size of the girl with a little door to feed food and water so that the girl could drink, on sunny days she took out the glass box to enjoy the beautiful day in the back garden of the house, the girl Sat to enjoy the day and the beautiful landscape, watched the colorful butterflies fly, feasting their ears with the songs of the birds, watched the beautiful shapes that drew clouds in the sky, winter days put it in the window Living, to enjoy the leaves flying with the wind, the frost of ice on the grass, or the beautiful rainbow in the rainy days.

The poor, obedient girl, just looking through the glass, never received fresh air, the sun could not reach her, she could not run through the prairies, much less play with other children, as time passed the girl weakened, the days They passed and became more and more pale and haggard and sad, lost interest in life, no longer looked and did not enjoy their surroundings.

One morning the mother had to go out to make purchases, left her at the living room window from where she could see some children playing, they played running and laughing a lot, without noticing that they were being watched by the girl in the glass box, seeing She wanted to be like the other girls, her wishes were heard by a little fairy who approached the glass cell and asked if she wanted to play with the other girls, the very obedient girl beckoned That not with the little head, although her sad face said something else, the fairy beckoned the other children to come, seeing the girl locked up the children wanted to rescue her, the fairy took his wand and not hurt the girl the glass.

When the girl was free she received a fresh breeze on her face, again felt the sweet aromas of the flowers, the songs of the birds. What happiness! She ran in the fresh herbs, she had not been playing for a long time, she played and sang with the other children, releasing her color and the glitter of her beautiful eyes from her closure.

Playing very funny with the children and the fairy, appeared the mother of the girl, she was infuriated to discover her dear girl running in the garden surrounded by children.

His face changed, the first thing that came to mind was to challenge the fairy, how foolish you are! You have not realized that you can hurt! What if someone does something wrong with it? If you run and get hurt

He looked at her closely, seeing her very happy playing with the children, healthy and full of life, approached the girl gave a big kiss and hugs full of love, then together the glass of shattered glass and forgot the crystal box to always.

The girl in the living crystal box very happy surrounded by friends and her beautiful fairy.

Fuente: Fuente: José Luis Corrientes Argentina