The protector of the native peoples


Thank you very much dear friends of the voice for supporting my work, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful legend, speaks of a mythological Guarani and its birth, a beautiful story that begins well.

This is a story of my ancestor the Guarani or Avá, which means to be human, happened 5000 years ago in the land without evil, records found in some caves of the department of Amambay, stories of gods, myths and legends Guarani.

When reference is made to the God of Guarani theogony, only Katu and Yara and their cursed sevens are thought of. On the other hand, the Jesuits used the image of El Tupa Teniéndote, to relate to the Christian God and to divert the original from the natives .

Iguano Dog is the first-born of Katu and Yara is part of the sevens engendros of the legend of the guaraní allegory.

This is a dog lizard, product of a curse made by Angatupyry against Katu for seducing his daughter Yara, and bringing him to live with him.

The curse referred to the first son of Katu, there would be a lizard with seven dog heads.

A Jesuit missionary, whose mission was to travel through the jungle, his job was to document everything in the thicket, trees, plants, birds, animals, indigenous behaviors, a map of the land, knowledge of every corner of the jungle, Positions of water sources, marshes, lagoons, traced the roads, drawing animals, insects, the Jesuit was well known by living beings, to the point that behaved tame with the moist, birds gave him their melodies, The dragonflies had their beautiful colors, the butterflies posed in their arms, the hummingbirds stopped their quick walk to share a few seconds with the man, so spent their days without major concerns.

The Jesuit loved his work, went out to work joyfully, enjoyed his contact with nature, and every day discovered something new, had no idea that what was to discover would change his life forever.

One day the Jesuit was walking along the narrow paths of the thicket. On the side of a jump was a lagoon of fresh water, the monk heard a lot of noise, a great splash in the water as if a big fish was hunting for food, but it should Being very large by the noisy splashes, came a little closer and saw a great movement of water and saw a greenish back, very large, could be manatee, but it seemed strange had never seen one in the region, approached the summer Of the lagoon, saw a small teyú taragui come out of the water, this animal could not cause so much fuss, his head struck his somewhat deformed, the meek animal approached the monk, he became fond of the small animal and put it inside a Pot of clay and took it to his tent.

Before leaving for mission, he was busy giving water and small insects to the little teyú to feed himself, so the days passed without much fear.

One day he returned to his tent after a long day in the jungle, entering his campaign, he met a burly boy, slim, handsome, kind of gentle words, he greeted the Jesuit as if he had known him for a lifetime. Waited in his room, the monk looked stunned the situation, but he did not dare say a word, it was the young man who broke the ice with his soft saying you want gold, silver and diamonds and much wealth? I return to the clay vessel, you only have to take me where I tell you, being in that situation a contingent of Jesuits come and found the rare animal in the monk's power, the animal ran and lost in the jungle, the monk was Brought before the ecclesiastical authorities, was condemned to be punished for taking a species of the forest, his job was to document the properties of the forest, never to remove a species of his place of origin.

At that time corporal punishment was used, was staked to a pole in the courtyard of the settlement, ready to receive the whipping, before the first lash, the earth moved and heard a loud thunder, was so strong and great movement, that Felt in the whole village, in such a situation panicked, they crossed themselves, they got on their knees and began to pray, to counteract the wrath of the devil who manifested in favor of the monk ladino, which prevented him from being punished, the tremors were Very strong that came to think of the destruction of the jungle.

The Jesuits prayed and threw water vendita, to cast the evil entity, before the repercussions of earthquake decided to lift the punishment to the Jesuit monk leaving him free.

The Jesuit monk fled from the settlement, entered the jungle in search of the defenseless Iguana taragui, on the way to the freshwater lagoon, in the middle of the road I found large furrows on the ground, followed the tracks until I found the animal, Was greatly changed in size, the Jesuit monk climbed on the backs of the animal giant, leaving large furrows in the ground, headed in the direction of the Paraná the animal crossed to swim the imposing Paraná, since that day they were never seen again. The deep cracks that the animal opened in the missionary jungle became a stream that communicates the devil's leap with the Parana River.

The exile of mysterious animal was seen by hundreds of indigenous people, in his step was leaving evidence of its size until arriving at Paraná, the guaraní was the witness of the mysterious form of the Iguano Dog, a huge lizard with seven heads, the one that was made To listen every time that the colonizers abused of the Guaraní people.

It was the Guaraní Indians who spread the appearance of the Satanic Iguano Perro and claimed that they live in taverns under the Paraná River, attentive to the care of the jungle and natural resources.

The Iguano Protective Dog of the native peoples and of the resources of the missionary forest.


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José Luis Corrientes Argentina