The streets of heaven

fuente: We were less than a week from the Christmas holidays, this year had no Christmas spirit, the parking lot was full of cars, the super was full of customers, you could not walk between the gondolas, impossible to do the shopping, not I had another exit, I decided to buy the most urgent.

This only happens to me !, because I wait until the last moment to do my shopping?

After a long day of work my whole body ached, a great migraine harassed my head, my list of gifts was empty, my children said they did not want anything, as I already knew my children decided to buy something as a gift, it had already happened This of not wanting anything and then claim the lack of gift, not again!

I quickly chose the gifts, filled my shopping carts and went to the queues of the boxes, I chose the shortest row, there were also many people in it, calculated half an hour waiting, as I said before had no other way out to buy.

In front of me there were two children waiting to pay for their purchases, the child would be between 9 and 10 years old and his sister between 4 and 5 years old, the boy was dressed in old clothes and worn, the shoe was very large, It was a borrowed shoe, his pants were short, he could see his thin ankles, his hands were all wrinkled in his hands.

The little sister is dressed in the same way as her brother, a cute girl but battered by life, her blond hair all carelessly tied with ribbons, in her hands she wore shiny women's golden sandals, the Christmas music of the supermarket sounded in the background, I could listen as the girl in the bass sang the music from the supermarket.

When she arrives at the cash register, the girl delivers the shoe to the cashier very carefully, as if it were a glass shoe, the cashier checks the product, pockets the sandals and hands the tickets to the older child and says, it's $ 6 dollars.

The boy puts in handful of money on the box and begins to poke his pockets he makes some more money and returns to point on the box, the cashier takes the money and counts only $ 3 dollars.

Here you have only $ 3 dollars, said the cashier. Because you do not notice if you have more money in your pockets, the boy rummages in his pockets and can not find any more money.

"I do not have any money left," said the boy, "we'll have to leave, we'll go home and we'll come back another day," said the boy. The girl became very sad and said, the child Jesus would have loved these sandals.

The boy answered back home we work a little more, we put the money together and we return by the sandal, what do you say?

The girl returned her face very sad, very eager to cry.

The child repeated again, please do not cry, you'll see that we put the money together and come back.

Seeing this I could not afford it!

Please deliver the sandals to the girl and I will pay the bill! I said to the cashier.

At the end of the day it was Christmas Eve and they had waited a long time in the queues, it was the least I could do.

I was thinking and in that I feel like the small arms of the girl surrounded my legs in a tender embrace and said many thanks sir.

I became very uncomfortable and at the same time very happy, by this beautiful gesture of the girl, before it was asked.

What did you want to say to the baby Jesus would have loved these sandals?

The girl smiled and answered me.

My mother is seriously ill, my dad told us that mom is going to heaven before the good night to meet Jesus.

My church teacher says the streets of heaven are shiny gold like these sandals, imagine yourself watching my mother walk with these sandals through the streets of heaven.

The eyes lit up at the sight of the girl as tears ran down her cheeks, her voice hoarse, I answered, yes of course she will look very beautiful.

In my mind I thanked the child Jesus for reminding me through these children of the meaning of Christmas and the true value of things. Fuente: Fuente: José Luis Corrientes Argentina