The wonderful Islands of the Palms Fuente: Thank you very much dear friends of the Voice, for supporting my work, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful legend of love, everything happens in one of the Canary Islands, a princess with a very special will meet a prince and both will know what Is love at first sight, without knowing that they carry a bad omen marked forever, a beautiful story that begins like this.

Many years ago, on the island of Las Palmas, there was a palace where a princess called Odalys lived. On the island there were seven springs that emanated magical waters, the origins of the waters were unknown to the inhabitants of the town.

The magical waters possessed the gift of discerning love, all the people who looked at their reflections in the waters of the spring could know if they would find pairs or not.

When you reflect your images in the waters, the spring changed color, if it remained clear the love would arrive at your door, but if the waters became cloudy the news would not be good and would live in solitude forever.

Princess Odalys visited the place accompanied by several young people of the kingdom, to see their faces reflected in the waters of the spring and to know the secret of their lives, would they be able to meet the right man and live their lives together forever? Were very enthusiastic very soon would be the great party in the kingdom, would you know your future prince there ?, were the questions of the beautiful princess

The first to look at the waters was the princess, the water was clear and calm, the face of happiness of the princess by the good news, but soon began to change the waters and the darkness reflected in the waters in front of his eyes.

Ho, no! What's going on? Said the princess very worried. This is not good at all! Flee the fire or the flames will consume you, Gerian replied the wise man of the spring.

The princess became very sad, decided not to speak to anyone of the terrible news, but nothing served their silence, rumors circulated on the island of what happened on the magic slope.

From all over the world came the princes to attend the great celebration of the kingdom, the king of Adeje came to the islands with his son called Aron, a young beautiful and brave young man, was the one who captured with his beauty the heart of the princess Odalys.

Their eyes crossed, cupid flecho the love of these young people, in a single glance they perceived that they were in front of the love of their life, the love arrived at the doors of their hearts, the union was magic, that same day in full celebration announced their Commitments of marriage, little by little the news was made public in the inhabitants of the town.

The inhabitants of the village began to remember the words of the wise man of the spring, the combination of these lovers, the princess Odalys de Agulo lands of the Waters and Prince Aron born on the island of hell own fire.

The parents of the young people interpreted the message of the Teide, this was the beginning of the prophecy, it was their responsibility to stop the coming disaster in time, ordered the final separation of the couple, separated young lovers the volcano calmed and nobles Visitors were able to return home.

Prince Aron came to his kingdom with a broken heart, his body was in the kingdom but his mind remained on the island of the gomeras how to live his life without his true love? It was the young man's questions.

They tell the anxieties of the place that Prince Aron despaired of love decided to go to meet him with the love of his life, the brave boy crossed the wide sea swimming, several days slow to cross the sea, but when he reached the island he got his reward , Reunited with the love of his life, their bodies merged into a strong embrace.

To keep their love safe they fled to the forests of the island, under a great cedar tree consummate their longed for love.

The news of the unexpected visit to the ears of the king soon arrived, the father of the princess organized a search for these lovers, the dogs of the kingdom did their work, followed their tracks betraying the presence of young lovers, Being cornered without finding another way out, took a sharp cedar stick and hugged each other very tightly, burying the fine rod in each of their chests, the rod easily pierced the bodies of the couple, joining the bodies forever. fuente:

Fuente: José Luis Corrientes Argentina

ladyzarulemОтветил joseluis
5 лет назад

This is a very sad story @joseluis! Why is it so rare that people who have found their love are happy?

joseluisОтветил ladyzarulem
5 лет назад

If it is true has a sad end, this was the way of thinking of people from before, at present does not happen. Thank you very much Mrs @ladyzarulem for your constant support and company

andreyprostoОтветил joseluis
5 лет назад

Браво, @joseluis, Вы творческая личность и тонкая натура.

joseluisОтветил andreyprosto
5 лет назад

Большое спасибо, дорогой друг @andreyprosto за его Амблес слова и поддержать мою работу.