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Dear Friends, today I want to share a beautiful material with you, browsing the web and crossing me with this interesting story, a brave child collaborates in defending the honor of his homeland, a story full of emotions.

The land without evil of the guaraníes or cradle of heroes. Heroes that were forged to the passage of history, a city very harassed by the invasions and the civil wars, this made the Corinthian brave and ready to defend the homeland.

On this day I want to praise another brave Corinthian brother for his courage to defend the country, Pedro Rios, better known by the drum of Tacuarí.

Pedro Rios, came to the world in September 1798, his childhood was born in the town of Yaguareté Cora, known as conception, a small town in my native land. Son of Antonio Ríos, a rural teacher of the province.

As a child I participate as a soldier in the army of the province united of rio de la plata, to the control of Manuel Belgrano.

On November 25, 1810, history sealed its fate, General Belgrano with his army of soldiers, to the military expedition to Paraguay, to stop at Yaguareté Cora, to recruit soldiers, to incorporate to his army soldiers of the place, most Indian Guarani .

The town organized a welcome to General Belgrano and his army, a small dance, a feast, some payadas of the place, guitarreadas around the wood stove, finishing the party with a mass that officialized the parish priest of the place.

In this circumstance Belgrano knows Pedrito Ríos, pedrito appeared before the general, requested his incorporation to the army, Manuel Cauteloso, asked his age, fast and energetic answered Ríos 12 years old General, the general continued with his conversations to avoid giving a Answer to the child, the boy very avid percato his elusive, 12 years my general, but several months have passed since then, I am already great my general, he returned insistently his incorporation to the army, leaving no alternative to Manuel Belgrano express his refusal.

The general felt comfortable in the village, stopped more than expected, could see the action of Pedro Rios in the village. General Belgrano considered his response and agreed to speak with the father of the child, held a pleasant talk, where the father expressed words

Original passage of the story "Not only do I give my consent, but I also beg you to accept it, because I, with my 65 years of existence, am an old man and the surrender of my son is the only offering I can make to the Fatherland"

This was how Pedrito Ríos joined the army of the Rio de la Plata, under the command of Major Celestino Vidal.

Celestino Vidal was a non-seer, Pedro Rios became his guide, on January 19, 1811 in the battle of Paraguarí, he took care of the lag by strengthening the wagons and sanatorium of the countryside, his role was drum guide, joined To combat making redouble the drum, with its sound it encouraged the brave Argentine soldiers.

A brave boy, an intrepid soldier, like every child did not know the danger he faced, in many battles, accompanied with his feat, sounding the drum, Argentinian troops fight hard to hear the drum.

The 9 of March of 1811 the war of Tacuarí was unleashed, General Belgrano, had lost many men, had to face the enemy with a reduced army hardly 200 men accompanied it, the enemy troops surpassed the 2000 soldiers.

The enemy army on seeing the situation of Belgrano began the battle, the Argentine soldiers were overcome and began to recoil, it was an unstoppable army the enemy was advancing, already celebrating victory.

The child soldier stood at the front of the battle, and began to play his drum in a heavenly way, the blows to the drum made a very loud sound, gave a loud cry, that paralyzed the Argentine soldiers, Forward! Soldiers from my country, and began to redouble the drum, the sounds of the drum cause the soldiers to attack, went to the front my Argentine brothers, I do not care about inequality, Pedro Rios was advancing in his footsteps guiding the soldiers to victory, great Was his joy to see his soldiers advance, victorious, energetic, they gave battle to a lost war, that day Belgrano Gano La Batalla, Pedro Ríos my drum of Corrientes, the drum of Tacuarí as it is known, Gano the seal of brave and Immortality, two bullets gave in his breast, taking away his earthly life, giving way to celestial life, this brave soldier, this insightful child, fearless caudillo, immortalized in history is a brother who gave his life to defend the country, Not for nothing Chamigo, we have a big sign that says if Argentina goes to war Corrientes will help you.

This soldier of my land is very remembered and venerated in the passage of studies in primary schools.

The Argentine poet Rafael Obligado composed a poem in honor of El Tambor de Tacuarí, which is recited in Correntinas schools by thousands of Correntinos students. Original Poem

That encounter is horrible, A hundred fighting a thousand, A thriving swirl Of smoke and flames thunder there! The little boy no longer laughs, Loose a manly suit Cast your soul on the patch And in boiling it makes it boil! What is the doll Of the Tacuarí Drum.

General Manuel Belgrano, being already very ill, reminded the child of Tacuarí for his bravery as a soldier and his skill playing the drum, Said this is one of the most beautiful memories of my life.

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