Urban Legend, the Creepy Baby Cries

fuente: http://paisajesybodegonesaloleo.blogspot.com.ar/2014/06/paisajes-con-puentes-y-flores-pintados.html A night traveler was traveling along the road, the trip was very quiet, to kill boredom he turned on the radio, tuned a channel where a pastor spoke and his promise of eternal life, the traveler a few days ago had collected his salary where he had to To do the tithe to the church, was very indignant with this situation, almost did not see a woman who walked along the side of the highway.

The young woman turned to the finger to take her, the traveler brake the car for the speed it was able to stop several meters in front of the young woman.

The young woman approached the car and asked to be taken, the man replied.

How do you think to walk alone in these places with the cold it does! Said the driver very exalted

I almost carried you ahead!

Thank you, sir, for stopping, what happens is that I leave my baby alone at my house, I'm late, I've been walking for more than an hour and nobody really wanted to stop, you're the only person considered, said the young woman .

It's okay, do not worry, be calm that I'll take you to your house, it does not matter if I have to deviate from the road, the man replied.

The traveler was not accustomed to raise a person on the route, but it happened that he had been listening to the pastor speak of goodness and mercy, perhaps that's why he took pity on this young woman, more consternate to see her face worried that her baby He waited for her.

What is your name! My name is Aldo, as you leave so homeless on this cold night, said the traveler trying to start a conversation

Hi! How are you? I'm Nuria. The truth is I missed the time, I was not planning to come back so late, I'm not far from home, maybe five kilometers, we have to get to the next bridge, there my baby is waiting for me, answered the young woman.

Aldo drove in silence, he looked at the girl and wondered silently how old this girl would be, she did not seem to be more than fourteen years old and she was already mama, twice named her baby, the silence was uncomfortable but she did not know what theme to touch , The girl was very quiet, every time he looked at her she smiled grateful for the ride.

He looked at the young woman and drew her attention to her ancient way of dressing, perhaps it must be from some Amish congregation, she said to herself, she seemed dressed as an old lady by her dress of the previous century.

The silence was uncomfortable for the two of them, none of them had a topic of conversation, what subject might interest this little girl, said the traveler, when she was about to bring up a subject to talk about, she said.

Here it is well! Said the girl as she approached the bridge.

When the traveler wanted to react to stop it was not necessary, when the first wheel touched the bridge, the car automatically shut down, stopped working, the lights went out, the radio and the engine of the car, Aldo tried to start the car , But it was impossible, being in the process of starting the car, I hear something to his right.

The silence was overwhelming, there was no sign of life in the place, the night noises, the night birds, the roar of the wind, the trees lifeless, not moving a leaf.

Beneath the windows to see and hear better checking absolute silence, he turned to look to his right and saw that the girl had gotten out of the car.

This caught his attention, as it happened, he could not even hear when the copilot's doors were opened or closed, the strangest thing was that the young woman left without saying goodbye, she seemed a well-mannered and kind young woman.

In a moment he began to hear the very intense cry of a baby, every minute that passed was heard louder, the loud crying came under the bridge, Aldo to hear the baby cry very strong I think he would be sick, That it could happen all this time that was alone careless, said the traveler

Aldo took courage and headed in the direction of crying, began to descend by a side of the bridge, his intention was to prove that he was drinking well, maybe he was sick and should take her and accompany her to the nearest hospital.

He descended to the shore of the river, guided by the sounds of weeping, he could not see anything, but every time he heard the baby crying, I walked a few more meters and saw nothing, now it seemed that tears were coming out of the river, Began to look at the waters of the river and felt a presence behind him, something frozen, this caused his skin to turn like a hen, a chill ran down his back, noticed a presence, as when someone looks at you from afar, felt that they watched Up the bridge, slowly raised his head to see who was looking at him, seeing him dizzy and fell to the ground back, opened his eyes and could see Nuria's body hanging from the bridge, seemed to be dead several days ago.

Aldo was frightened and frightened, he could not even blink, he could see the cold look on Nuria's dead body, but the worst was about to come, the body began to move, raised his right arm and pointed in the direction of the Waters of the river, with great fear turned his head towards the river and there he could see the body of a small child floating in the waters of the river, the child's cries continued with greater intensity.

Now he was not afraid, he was panic, not knowing how he got up and started to run uphill, got to his car, wanted to start and the car did not start, he got off and from the desperation began to push the car.

The tears of the baby were growing louder and now the cry of the young woman's cries were added, the fear was paralyzing, I sack strength to know where and began to move the car over the bridge, just passed all the wheels Bridge the car ignited only as a product of magic, he climbed into his car and fled in terror from the moans of the macabre bridge. Fuente: http://www.nuevamentes.net/2016/04/tres-leyendas-urbanas-paranormales-que.html Fuente: http://www.leyendas-urbanas.com/el-puente-de-los-lamentos/ José Luis Corrientes Argentina