When life goes and time passes

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Hello dear friends, the best thing that can happen to you is to capture the best memories in a photograph, to type and to save in a disc, when to return to see a picture your mind is transported to those beautiful memories.

The chronologically ordered photographs demonstrate THE STEP OF TIME, something that no one can stop. There is Plasma in Paper present, time that you will not return.

Awaiting your arrival

Your First Hours

Your First Months

Your baptism

Your First Years

Learning to Play

Presentation in Society The School

The First Act

15 years have passed

Secondary school

Your first bike

Your graduation

A lady

Waiting to be a mom

Beautiful mother

The images captured in a photograph, move the mind to a place or a story in your life. Remembering the moment as if it were yesterday. You accept life as a Present Future, because the only thing you can not stop is THE STEP OF TIME With Much Love To My Brenda Daughter.

José Luis Corrientes Argentina

andreyprostoОтветил joseluis

Muy emocionante, tienes una hermosa familia. hijos hermosos. Os deseo felicidad y salud.

joseluisОтветил andreyprosto

Muchas gracias señor @andreyprosto, por sus amables palabras y el gran apoyo a mi trabajo. saludos a toda su familia

andreyprostoОтветил joseluis

Muchas gracias señor @joseluis