Wonders of my land (the church of the devil)

fuente: https://www.sanantonio.cl/san-antonio/leyendas/item/969-leyenda-de-la-iglesia-del-diablo In my hometown there are hidden riches, unknown to many, forgotten to others Fuente: http://riomarron-rodolfo.blogspot.com.ar/2012/10/dios-el-diablo-y-la-carolina-corrientes.html The chapel of the devil is one of the riches that contains a beautiful cultural history worthy of being told.

Don Lorenzo Tomasella was born in Italy in 1848 in the Province of Turbias, in 1899 the Italian Don Lorenzo emigrated from his native land to Argentina, leaving the port of Genoa. Along with his eight children, he made the decision to leave his country behind after the death of his wife.

The death of his late wife left him very ill, he knew that if he continued in his country he would not go ahead, a luxury that could not be given for the responsibility of his eight children.

A locality of Goya was founded in Colonia Carolina, founded very little and needed to be populated.

Don Jose Jacinto Rolón, founder and owner of the land of the colony, yielded 16 hectares of land to Don Lorenzo Tomasella, a humble farmer, very hardworking and intelligent, he liked to read and study, after the heavy work of tilled, he sat in An armchair lit candles and read books, say family members who loved Dante's works.

An Italian who was made to love the whole population, for his intelligence and goodness, very austere in his expenses, a very religious and compassionate person.

He tells the story, his journey in the sea suffered the fury of nature, passing through several storms, that mistreated the walk of the boat, don Lorenzo traveled with his eight children, feared for their safety, was afraid that the ship would sink Or overturned.

Don Lorenzo very religious entrusted himself to the virgin Our Lady of Good Counsel, promised to arrive safely on his trip would make him a beautiful chapel in honor of its divine intersection.

After a few years of arrival in the country, the Italian already established, began to build the church, had a pending debt, this gaucho did not like the debt, balance his debt to the Virgin of the Good Counsel.

The chapel is a humble chapel, built with his own hands, located a few meters from his house, the terrain more than a meter above the ground and on that began the construction, a modest chapel ten meters long and five wide. He brought the bell of Italy, the image of the virgin the stem on a 100-year-old carob tree, the same cincelo the madrea with his hands with the aid of his penknife.

The virgin raises the child Jesus with both hands and he carries a sphere with the cross, it is said that the features of the face of the virgin resembles the deceased woman of Don Lorenzo, dressed in a white dress with a blue cape.

Construction began in 1904, finished building in 1909, that same year was planned the blessing and inauguration of the chapel, which was to officiate the mass would be Father Jose Secundino Gutierrez, the day of the opening dawned raining, Father Joseph was not present, was in his search Don Lorenzo Tomasella and still the father refused to attend the blessing of the church.

Don Lorenzo begged Father Jose, saying that a whole town waited in the rain for the opening of his chapel, this one was denied again, they say that Don Lorenzo returned furious and closed the chapel.

They say that every day Don Lorenzo went to the chapel and locked himself inside, the amazed villagers eager to know what the Italian was doing there every day.

When they met Don Lorenzo in the streets, they asked him, in which don Lorenzo walks with the finch in his hand, he answered "I'm dropping the devils that escaped from hell" so the days and years passed, until the year came 1912.

This year opened the doors of the church to the public, the neighbors and their children saw and were frightened by art work don Lorenzo cincelo.

There they remembered the answer of Don Lorenzo "I am lowering to the devils that escaped of the hell"

I built with his hands an Altar, with figures that frightened even his own children. The most outstanding and admirable is the abacus, a figure seated, carved with the name of "Cappuccini Giudici" (Supreme Judge) personifies the Lord who looks at them, is the one who takes note of the sins in a book.

Another frightening thing is the great viper that circles in a wood and is presented to a man, twisted dragons and other figures that arise from the imagination of Don Lorenzo Tomasella in representation to the same hell, is believed that is product of His readings of Dante's works.

From the presentation of the altar comes the name The Chapel of the Devil, baptized by the believing locals of God, they interpreted the sculpture of Don Lorenzo with the representation of the hell.

The chapel of the Devil is home to the Virgin Our Lady of Good Counsel, two silver candlesticks one of nine candle holders represents Don Lorenzo and his eight son and another candlestick of a candle holder representing the late wife of Don Lorenzo, A picture of the family, a portrait of Don Lorenzo, a book containing the family history, a drawing depicting some of the miracles that took place there, nine-light candelabra, beautiful pictures drawn and painted on the wall, Which have been compared with the images of the Salamanca or cave of the devil.

The Chapel of the Devil is another treasure of my land, representing the Christian faith of my people, people ready to receive foreigners and give asylum as did my ancestors with Italian immigrant brothers, a symbol of unity, faith and prosperity. Fuente: http://www.ellitoral.com.ar/276625/Tributo-a-una-Virgen-que-muto-en-Capilla-del-Diablo Fuente: http://www.diariolarepublica.com.ar/notix/noticia.php?i=12024&f=2005-09-14#.WCJRC9XhCM8 Fuente: http://marisa-corrientes.blogspot.com.ar/2012/10/la-capilla-del-diablo-goya-corrientes.html Fuente: http://www.ellitoral.com.ar/276625/Tributo-a-una-Virgen-que-muto-en-Capilla-del-Diablo

José Luis Corrientes Argentina

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