Dominican Republic Journey - Part I

I had days away from GOLOS because he was on a journey, and an adventure because to get out of Venezuela is not very easy.


I am in the Dominican Republic really seems to me a country very beautiful and I have learned a lot of things.


I had to sleep in the airport in Caracas almost 12 hours before.... I had to avoid protests in order not to lose the flight.

I almost can´t travel through something we never understood this to mean according to I needed a letter from the person that I received here, I told him that even I could call him but she don´t wanted.

after all my friend sent the signed letter by whatsapp :S



Thanks for the support<3
ladyzarulemОтветил yusaymon
4 года назад

to sleep in airport - that is not good! )) @yusaymon

yusaymonОтветил ladyzarulem
4 года назад

:C no thanxs for stopping by <3